The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as the « Race to the Clouds », is the most famous hill climb race in the world. The course is 19,99 km long and counts 156 corners. It climbs 4 720 ft from 9 390 ft at the start to 14 115 ft a the finish line. The main challenge is the big altitude change which affects the internal combustion engine, making it lose up to 30% of its power, and also the drivers reflexes and strength. The first race took place in 1916 but the race is mainly known for the 1980’s when official manufacturers like Audi and Peugeot fought on the hill. The record is held by Sebastien Loeb with his Peugeot 208 T16, who 15 years after Ari Vatanen, ran the course in 8 minutes 13 seconds. Nowadays, there are various categories of racing and of records. Drivers like Rhys Millen and Romain Dumas in the Unlimited division, Paul Dallenbach and Clint Vahsholtz in Open Wheels division for example come every year and fight for victory in theire class. The atmosphere there is very friendly and people come to have fun even though fights exist at every level. Every year, more than 10 000 people attend the event which will be live-streamed this year, it offers big visibility compared to other hill climb races.